Departments :

Science and Humanities Department
Faculty Profile
Prof. Khade V.N.
Head of the Department
Qualification: M.A.(English)
Experience: 5 years
Contact no.: 9730246546
Email ID:khadevn@gmail.com

Mr.Sajagane M.A.
Associate Professor
Qualification: M.Sc( Mathematics),
Experience: 5 yrs
Email ID: sajaganema123@gmail.com

Miss.Nikam S.B.
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc. ( Physics)
Experience: 3 years
Email ID:nikamsb44@gmail.com

Miss.Nalawade N.
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. Sc.(Mathematics)
Teaching Experience: 01year
Email ID: nalawaden23@gmail.com

Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. Sc(Chemistry)
Teaching Experience: 01year
Email ID: bhusbal123@gmail.com

Chh.Shivaji Polytechnic,Vaduj